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The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics provides undergraduate and graduate courses in basic and applied areas of molecular biology and genetics. The undergraduate program offers B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics and the graduate program leads to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Molecular Biology and Genetics. The department is equipped with modern facilities for gene expression analysis, cell biology, protein chemistry, recombinant DNA technology and animal experiments. The education is research oriented. The undergraduate program concentrates initially on basic knowledge in life sciences and related fields, followed by a specialized training in molecular biology and genetics. Research laboratories of the department are used for graduate student training and for the senior projects for undergraduate students. The main research activities of the department are on molecular genetics, molecular biology, molecular cell biology, basic and applied immunology, structure-function relationship of proteins and new biotechnologies.

The aim of the department: Molecular biology is a science that investigates living creatures at the molecular level. The main target of our department with its graduate and postgraduate curriculum in the basic and applied molecular biology and genetic fields and its infrastructure is to train the talented youngsters of our country as scientists who will conduct research at the global level. Our department provides 4-year graduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs.

The department is concerned with the applied science of Molecular Biology and Genetics and raises scientists that are well trained in the foundations of genomics, basic biology, biochemistry, cell biology, DNA technology and bioinformatics and who can monitor and use the rapidly advancing technological developments. Our students are able to put the theoretical lecture information they receive into practice with the laboratory sessions.

We make sure our students possess the skills to be able to follow the latest advances in the molecular biology and genetics field and have the desire to increase their knowledge and investigate so that they can meet out country's future requirements.

Work areas and employment opportunities: The Molecular Biology and Genetics program provides employment opportunities for its graduates as it is an interdisciplinary field focused on application and research. Our graduates are accepted to the postgraduate programs of many important universities in Turkey, Europe and the USA and can also work in the Research and Development and quality control laboratories or the production, sales and marketing departments of organizations and companies in the food, pharmaceutics, healthcare, environment, energy and agriculture sectors.

Our graduates can continue their training with national or international postgraduate or doctorate programs so that they can become investigators and/or academic faculty members. They can also work in the public organizations, ministries, research institutes and public economic enterprises within the state sector. They work in the research and development and control units in the drug and food industry in the private sector. They are very much in demand in hospitals, private diagnostic laboratories and in vitro fertilization units in the medical sector. They can also work as sales representatives or technical consultants in import/export firms active in the medical and biological fields.