Summer Internship Applications

Deadline: May 31, 2024
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Internships in Molecular Biology at Bilkent University

Summer Internship program at Bilkent University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department offers a unique opportunity for talented undergraduates to acquire experience in research. MBG Internship program is designed for students who are interested in attending graduate school and pursuing a career in research.

The department is equipped with modern facilities for gene analysis, cell biology, protein chemistry, recombinant DNA technology and animal experiments. The education is research oriented. The main research activities of the department are on molecular genetics, human genetics, molecular biology, molecular cell biology, immunology, structure-function relationship of proteins and bioinformatics.

Each student will become an active participant in a laboratory research group. Students will work closely with a graduate student within the faculty member's laboratory.

Any student who is accepted for an internship at our department should have a health insurance made on their behalf either by the University they are enrolled in (mandatory internship) or through an insurance company (volunteer internship) by themselves, given the No.5510 Social Security Law (SGK) and No.5754 General Health Insurance Laws. This is a must; and hence a valid insurance for the duration of internship will be requested from the applicant before they start their internship and biosafety training at Bilkent University MBG Department.

Below are Forms and Documents for students taking the MBG 391 as well as for students from other universities.

MBG 391 Summer Practice Course Information and Evaluation Form (Bilkent Students Only)

MBG 291 Summer Practice Course Information and Evaluation Form (Bilkent Students Only)

MBG 291-391 Internship Report Instructions

Application for Internship at Bilkent University MBG

Forms to be Completed after Acceptance